About us

We are a company with a focus on a Berlin tradition: Commitment to eyesight!

ebiga-VISION is a young company. It was founded in spring 2010 in Berlin, in the middle of a city that has many traditions and merits in the ophthalmology. These are of scientific and medical nature and associated with institutions such as the Charité and ophthalmologist pioneers such as Albrecht von Graefe (1828-1870).

History has also been written in the field of ophthalmology in the pharmaceutical industry in Berlin: The replacement of the dropper pipettes for eye drops goes back to the invention of the Berlin pharmacist – Dr. med. Gerhard Mann. He developed a small bottle with a pipette tip for these drugs. Based on these eye drop bottles (ophtioles) grew in the city a company with its name to the market leading German eye pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The founder of ebiga-VISION, Robert Kuchling, followed the development of ophthalmology in the scientific and commercial fields there for 15 years and concluded that the prevention of chronic eye diseases must take on a new, greater importance in the changing age structure of our society. ebiga-VISION will contribute to eye health in this area.

With the relocation of the headquarters to the university town of Greifswald, the work of Prof. Rudolf-Schirmer, who established ophthalmology as a separate subject, ebiga-VISION will continue its mission in the northeast.[/taz_column][taz_column position=”third”]

What does „ebiga“ mean?

“Ebiga” stands for “evidence-based interaction for good vision in old age” (Evidenzbasierte Interaktion für gutes Sehen im Alter)!

What do we do? 

ebiga-VISION sells, researches and develops tools for the prevention and management of chronic eye diseases.

Our mission

Our mission is a good vision even at age!